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Added value is that awesome, many times free, media that you have the opportunity to receive with your media buy.  Media vendors don’t always reveal these opportunities, but many of them are available if you are willing to ask and sometimes haggle a little. A good media buyer will enhance your media budget by providing added value to your campaign. But if you’re doing placing on your own, here are some inexpensive added value options to ask for: 1. Sponsorships You’ll see this in radio and TV buys. These are the 5 to 10 second mentions right before or after the weather …


Net neutrality, as defined by TechCrunch, is the concept that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments should treat the delivery of content and data on the Internet equally. Changes to net neutrality—such as those recently proposed—may have a significant effect on your digital media strategy as a marketer. Understanding Net Neutrality With net neutrality, all content comes at the same speed and cost regardless of the user, destination, site provider, and/or content type. Think of it like a highway: anyone can access any road they want for free with the same expectation of speed, service, and traffic as everyone else. In a non-net …